Natural Remedies for Acne

Acne is a common skin condition that affects people of all ages. It can be frustrating and embarrassing, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. 

I found that the more acne products I used the worse my skin got. I didn’t get clear, healthy skin until I completely changed my skincare routine. I stopped focusing on the symptoms and started “feeding” my skin – making sure the cells had the water, oil, and nutrients needed to create new healthy cells. This New Zealand-inspired approach to skincare uses the power of natural plant oils to help calm and rebalance the skin microbiome. It took a little while, but the results have been long-lasting.

Acne control is complex. It’s important to understand how your skin works so that you can make choices that lead to healthy, beautiful skin. In these posts, we explore natural remedies for acne that work to help the skin rebalance itself.


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Fungal Acne vs Regular Acne - Sad teenage girl considering her problem skin

Fungal Acne vs Regular Acne

Acne vulgaris and Malassezia folliculitis (also known as “fungal acne”) are two different skin conditions that can sometimes be confused with each other. These two conditions need to be addressed differently. The table shows some of the differences between “fungal acne” and regular acne.

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What Causes Acne?

What causes acne are primarily bacteria, inflammation, excess sebum, and clogged hair follicles. However, other factors can contribute.

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What’s the Best Cleanser for Acne?

A good natural acne cleanser is one that can reduce pore size, easily remove makeup, help balance oil production, help the skin stay hydrated, clean pores rather than clog them,
soothe irritated or inflamed skin…

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What is a Natural Acne Mask?

Acne-prone skin can benefit from applying sebum-diminishing ingredients like kaolin clay or illite, which gently remove impurities without over-drying. You may need to experiment to see how your skin reacts to face masks to ensure they don’t dry out the skin too much.

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Woman applying makeup to her face - does makeup cause acne?

Does Makeup Cause Acne?

Ingredients in some makeup products can clog pores, irritate the skin, compromise the skin microbiome, or trigger allergic reactions, which can worsen acne breakouts. The best way to prevent makeup from causing acne is to…

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Should I Worry About a Damaged Skin Barrier?

When the skin barrier no longer functions normally, gaps develop in the “wall” so that water escapes and irritants and pathogens can get in. A damaged skin barrier can result in many uncomfortable or unattractive skin conditions. By taking a holistic approach to our skin health, we can repair and maintain a healthy skin barrier.

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Woman with face scrub on her face - is this a good idea? - Skin Care Habits to Leave Behind

Skin Care Habits to Leave Behind

We need thick skin, moist skin, and a balanced skin microbiome to get and maintain healthy skin. Below is a list of a few skin care habits and products that can thin or dry the skin or disrupt skin flora.

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man putting cream on his face - skin care habits to start

Skin Care Habits to Start

If you are trying to repair a damaged skin barrier, or if you just want to protect and future-proof your skin, make these skin care habits a normal part of your personal care routine.

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What are Skin Barrier Repair Products?

Harsh skincare products can damage the skin barrier. To maintain healthy skin, we need to use products that gently fuel the ongoing process of healthy skin regeneration. Choose products that are designed for performance rather than profit – products formulated to nourish the skin with the building blocks healthy skin needs.

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Beautiful smiling black woman with plant oils for skin running down her face

What Are the Best Plant Oils for Skin?

Certain plant oils are very useful for repairing and maintaining a healthy skin barrier. But not all plant oils are equally helpful. Before coating our skin, it’s important to choose oils that are non-comedogenic and oils that help restore the skin barrier.

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Can Stress Cause Skin Problems?

Stress can make skin more sensitive, reactive, and prone to various unpleasant conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Stress can also cause the skin to become dry and itchy. Discover ways to reduce stress for better skin.

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a healthy skin diet - think skin food - image of various healthy foods

A Healthy Skin Diet

Maintaining a healthy skin diet is essential for maintaining healthy skin. The skin cells require essential nutrients to function correctly, regenerate, and repair damage. A good diet will help prevent oxidative damage leading to premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin problems. Changing the diet can even help repair skin barrier damage.

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Patch test personal care products - inside of elbow

Patch Test Personal Care Products

It’s important to test every new product to ensure that it’s compatible with your skin or your child’s skin. By performing a patch test on a small area of the skin, you can get an idea how the skin will tolerate the product. Here’s how to patch-test personal care products.

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